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World Horse Welfare

World Horse Welfare Logo On 1st May 2008 the International League for the Protection of Horses (ILPH) changed its named to World Horse Welfare.
Why did we change our name?
Many felt that our name was quite old fashioned and too long and when shortened to ILPH, lots of people had no idea what it meant or who we were. After a year of talking to our supporters and staff we decided that we needed a new name was much simpler and described what we did in a nutshell – so ‘World Horse Welfare’ was chosen. We hope that our new name will encourage more people to support us so that we can do even more for horses all over the world.
Founded in 1927, World Horse Welfare is the world’s leading equine welfare charity, with four Recovery and Rehabilitation Centres across the UK. At any one time we have around 300 horses and ponies undergoing rehabilitation, plus over 1,700 out on loan to approved homes. Our 16 Field Officers investigate cruelty and neglect complaints, check on Loan Scheme horses and offer help and advice. In Europe, we campaign against transporting live horses long distances in dreadful conditions for slaughter, and in developing countries, we train people in saddlery, nutrition and farriery.

Click on this link www.ilphrangers.org for more information.
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